Meet Lisa

Lisa Åstrand grew up in Uppsala before attending the local university to study Civilingenjör Teknisk Fysik, a popular 5 year engineering program with focus on physics and embedded systems. Graduating in 2016 she took a job with a Stockholm based consultancy firm, with whom she had worked with during the thesis portion of her studies.

While working for the consultancy firm she was contracted out to CrossControl originally as a consultant before joining our firm full time in October 2017. Lisa says she made the switch not just for a permanent shorter commute but because the high team spirit, open-minded atmosphere and interesting work tasks appealed to her.

Lisa’s first role at CrossControl was as an Embedded Software Engineer working on our version of Linux, CCLinux and learning about Linux systems at scale. Lisa was impressed with the culture at CrossControl, the level of knowledge and expertise of her colleagues paired with a desire and enthusiasm to learn more both within and outside their specialty. Having also impressed the company, Lisa was first promoted in 2019 to Embedded Software Lead Engineer and took on her new role of Embedded Software Manager in 2020.

As Lisa describes it, the most important aspect of her new position is ensuring her team can succeed, filtering requests from the wider company and acting as a spokesperson to give her team a clear voice, communication is key to ensure success. As software becomes more important and a larger focus of the wider industry Lisa is looking to the future to ensure that our embedded software division get the recognition they deserve for implementing innovations and developing system improvements.

Outside of the office Lisa likes to relax with crafts, particularly embroidery and cross stitch. Using her skills to create artworks featuring traditional quotes and classic designs. Lisa also enjoys cooking and can be found in the kitchen with her partner most evenings creating dishes from scratch, recently they have been working on perfecting Japanese ramen.


What is the best thing about working at CrossControl?
My colleagues, they are funny, friendly, interesting and knowledgeable.


How would you describe the workplace culture at CrossControl?

Relaxed, easy going, intellectual and understanding, mistakes are seen as a learning opportunity. There is also big focus on open collaboration between departments which helps to create a team dynamic across all our sites and disciplines.

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We are always open to applications from candidates. CrossControl has a strong track record of helping students successfully complete their degree projects going back more than twenty years.

Why work with us?

At CrossControl passionate people get the chance to explore their interests and push themselves to take on bigger challenges. Our employees are our greatest asset and we promote a positive workplace culture.

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