Display computers, controllers, communication devices


Degree projects in Sweden, Uppsala/Västerås

Deploy software testing techniques on embedded systems in simulated environment
Västerås, 30hp master level, software development, (suitable for two students)

This thesis aims to survey existing state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice related to system testing, integration testing, automated execution of tests, automatic generation of tests, fault injection testing, test coverage, requirements on testing in safety standards. Also investigate and experiment where tests are built from reusable building blocks, to support an efficient workflow with various types of tests at various stages in the testing process. The thesis shall also include integration of CCSimTech and Visual Studio into TestComplete at the technical level. In the implementation, the students will work in a Windows environment with C/C++ and .NET.
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User Interaction framework for Android platform
Uppsala, 30hp, software development

The thesis aims to investigate different frameworks for building User Interaction solutions for an Android platform. The framework shall interact with current CrossControl Software Application Platform. Currently Qt is frequently used at CrossControl, which shall be included in investigate for usability in Android. Target environment for the framework is CrossControl ARM based hardware platform CCpilot XA. The thesis shall also include implementation of a demonstration of user interaction on Android. Qt shall at least be a part of this implemented demonstration. 

On-board Diagnostics Framework
Uppsala, 30hp, software development

Investigate suitable software framework for building complete diagnostics application as standalone component within CrossControl Software Application Platform. The thesis shall include evaluation of widely used development environments, against basic criteria’s staged by CrossControl and main customers. The thesis will also include implementation or incorporation of such a framework for demonstration for one of CrossControl customers. 

Integration of Simulink in Automation simulation
Uppsala, 15hp, software development

CrossControl offers a widely used simulation platform, CCSimTech, for emulation of control system signal and behaviors in the automation industry. For building a complete automated test and modeling environment there is a need of integrating 3rd party development and environment tools, such as Simulink. In this thesis the incorporation of Simulink into CCSimTech shall be investigated, regarding adequate performance and usability level and also implemented in demonstration purpose. 

Eye tracking technology for Automation Industry
Uppsala, 30hp, software development

When using CrossControl display solutions, customers expect the very best in user interaction, pushing the need for new technological solutions and innovations. The aim of this thesis is to investigate the benefits of using eye tracking technology in the automation industry to meet customer’s future expectations on user interaction. The focus on the investigation shall be on new innovations, finding added value to existing user environments. Eye tracking technology from world leading providers shall be used and evaluated together with CrossControl product CCpilot XM. A demonstration shall be implemented in a CrossControl customer installation. 

Application Platform for ISOBUS Virtual Terminal
Uppsala, 15hp, software development

ISOBUS is the main protocol for communication on board machines within the agriculture industry. This thesis shall include an investigation of reuse of commercial/open source, hardware and software solutions for implementation on CrossControl devices. The investigation shall answer questions such as what protocol to use, on which level this can be implemented in current CrossControl products and a recommendation on how this should be done. This might for instance be a matter of implementation in current FPGA CAN solution. Thesis shall also include a demonstration of selected solution by implementation software wise in existing Software Application Platform and User Interaction package. 


Android on CCpilot XA platform
Uppsala, 15hp, software development

Investigate possibilities of using Android in automation industry today and what can be expected in the future. CrossControl’s product CCpilot XA is an ARM Cortex A8 device for industrial use capable of running Android.
The thesis shall also include deployment of Android platform on CCpilot XA platform and evaluation of performance and possibilities with this combination in the aspect of the industry.
Within regards to the automation industry, what can be expected to be supported on Android in future, regarding fieldbus technologies, 3rd party applications, control frameworks and graphical solutions? 


Evaluation of a tool for development of safety critical systems
Västerås, 30hp, software development

CrossControl develops safety critical software systems controlling, e.g., brakes and steering of modern vehicles. It is very important that our software have the highest possible levels of quality and safety, and we are constantly looking for better software engineering approaches.

The purpose with this thesis is evaluation of the SCADE tool-suite for use in conjunction with our own hardware. The SCADE tool is based on model-based development, where analysis of certain safety properties is supported on the models. This is used in combination with safety-certified code generation for the target system. This work will be in cooperation with Esterel, supplier of the SCADE tool, and CrossControl. General programming skills are required.


Commonality in CCSimTech
Västerås, 15/30hp, software development 

CrossControl have developed CCSimTech, with the purpose to simplify test, and debug of embedded systems software. It is a toolbox that enables execution of distributed embedded systems in a single PC / Windows environment through replacement of hardware dependencies with simulated software equivalencies. Using this toolbox makes it easier to start software development even before the target-hardware or test-benches are available, and developers can test their own software in their own PC using powerful tools available for PC platforms.

This thesis aims at a revision of existing software components in the CCSimTech tools-suite. This will be done through assessment of commonality among the existing interfaces, and result in recommendations for necessary changes to improve usability. Depending of the findings certain changes will be implemented and demonstrated. Knowledge in C/C++ is required.