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Augmented Reality and Communication at ILA18

Written: Monday, December 3, 2018 12:53:00 PM

At the Interaction Latin America conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil some of the focus has been on UX and UI in industrial applications.

CrossControl Lead UX Product Manager Markus Wallmyr, a researcher within Ubiquitous Computing at Mälardalen University, and Taufik Akbar Sitompul, also with CrossControl and the Ubiquitous Computing team, gave a talk surveying the use of augmented reality as a technique for promoting and aiding environmental protections and sustainability both actively and passively. Being able to present data in a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing manner could have a real impact on how HMI systems communicate information to the user in both industrial and agricultural applications, being in smart camera systems, safety systems and machine guidance and process visualisation.

On the same stage Rodrigo Ramirez’s talk focused on the use of pictography to communicate information before, during and after an emergency situation. As part of this disaster risk management emphasis Ramirez examined which images worked best to clearly communicate the most amount of information and how those images performed in different cultures and languages in order to limit confusion and create a global, open source pictographic communications tool.

The three day event, one of the largest in the world on Interaction Design, had a number of other talks that had implications or possible advancements for our industry. For CrossControl it is a continuous endeavour to seek out studies and events that can help us develop the future of HMI.

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