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CrossControl is launching NEW ISOBUS terminals

Written: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 8:45:00 AM

CrossControl is launching a new line of terminals for the agricultural market with display sizes 7’’ and 12’’. The terminals come with ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality and can also run other functionality in parallel with ISOBUS. This means you can run your ISOBUS UT on the same screen as you are showing instrumentation GUI, video images from connected cameras, electronic manuals, condition/health monitoring information, guidance and auto-steer, and more. Read more about our ISOBUS terminals >>

The multifunctional capability enables equipment OEMs to realize a full-fledged HMI system for their equipment. Separate displays for the various subsystems are made redundant, saving real estate and cost in the cab. The concept of a truly multifunctional display allows equipment OEMs to offer a high value, easy to use system as well as opening up avenues for offering aftermarket upgrades.

Operators benefit by having one integrated HMI for monitoring and interacting with the equipment efficiently.  Operators no longer need to interact with the equipment via separate displays for instrumentation, work process control and video..  With this technology they can use a single display to monitor all critical information, side by side, in a seamless design customized to your specific machine and interface.

The enabler for this new offering is an open and modular software platform – LinX Software Suite – which is deployed on all CrossControl display products. The platform, launched in 2014, has constantly been refined and expanded with new modules, ISOBUS UT and TC being the most recent additions.  To enable a truly multifunctional display and seamless user experience the ISOBUS UT has been “widgetized”, meaning that different blocks making up the UT are made into graphical widgets, providing flexibility in how the integrated GUI is designed. Read more about LinX Software Suite >>

CrossControl will be showcasing the new multifunctional terminals at Agritechnica 2017, hall 14/15, booth K08.

Display computer CCpilot VS Display computer CCpilot VA
CCpilot VS 12" and CCpilot VA 7"