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Fast Boot Time - What can you do in 4 seconds?

Written: Monday, September 21, 2020 10:19:00 AM

Fast boot time is critical for certain HMI functions, in some cases it is used by the operator to securely start the machine itself, or for sensitive machines it is required to actively monitor and control machine systems to ensure safe operation and vehicle health. In cases like these, delays caused due to a lengthy boot sequence can have costly consequences either in time loss, maintenance costs or health risks.

For our new iMX8-based displays with Linux we have been working to trim down the boot time. The modern architecture used in the device allows for a variety of approaches in reducing boot time depending on user requirements. Our embedded software and system software teams have been working together to reduce the boot time of our new CCpilot V700 running our standard demo application.

After some optimisation and software tricks we were able to achieve a cold boot with limited functionality of just 3 seconds will the full application being available after just 6 seconds despite it being a large application featuring a lot of libraries. By utilising suspend mode, rather than full system shutdown, it is possible to ensure even faster boot times to further reduce any delays and ensure full operation as quickly as possible.

Fast boot time - CCpilot V700Fast boot time with CCpilot V700