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IP video support in CCpilot displays

Written: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 10:32:00 AM

Several manufacturers of cameras for industrial vehicle application are launching new digital, Ethernet IP video cameras. CrossControl has developed support for these cameras in the open and modular LinX Software Suite that comes with all CCpilot displays.

The new generation of Ethernet IP cameras offer higher resolution and in general much higher picture quality. The digitizing of the image opens up opportunities to make real-time analyzes of the picture data from the camera, e.g. for object recognition, and it enables you to manipulate the displayed image to accommodate different application needs.

Digital IP cameras also offer much higher flexibility since you only need one Ethernet port on the display to connect an infinite number of cameras, making external video boxes or video switches redundant. They also offer camera control possibilities, meaning that your software application can control and enable different camera features and settings, all in runtime. For example you can control bandwidth which enables you to maximize the detail level (resolution, frames per second) on the camera streams that are prioritized in a certain operational mode.

CrossControl has developed a powerful camera control library for IP cameras that enables easy integration of IP video streams in software applications for CCpilot displays. The library supports all cameras compliant to the ISO 17215 standard. CCpilot displays and the LinX Software Suite support hardware accelerated graphics. This means that the IP video streams are displayed very smoothly and the display CPU load is minimal, i.e. you have plenty of CPU capacity to run other applications and processes in parallel to displaying video images. The hardware acceleration also enables showing 5-10 video streams concurrently on the screen. The latency of a displayed video stream is as low as 100 ms.

The LinX Software Suite is the Qt-based software platform that comes with CCpilot displays in sizes 3’’5 to 15’’. LinX is a modular platform that provides support for UX design, CAN network configuration, control functionality, cloud connectivity and more. With LinX you have the toolbox to design a multi-functional HMI system, featuring vehicle instrumentation, work process user interface, video monitoring, electronic manuals etc. With LinX you avoid spending resources on low-level software and can instead focus your time on creating value-add applications. Learn more about LinX here >>

This short video provides a demo of the IP video capabilities of CCpilot displays >>