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Launching a new 3’’5 display

Written: Friday, October 26, 2018 3:56:00 PM









Specifications summary

  • Best-in-class TFT display with impressive18 bit color depth, high contrast ratio and 500 Nits brightness
  • i.MX6 ARM core with GPU for hardware accelerated graphics, running Linux
  • Rich interface set-up: CAN, Ethernet, Digital & Analog I/O
  • Software options - Programmed in CODESYS or Qt
The dream for software engineers
No more bespoke programming tools that limit system engineers in creating a powerful HMI system. Like all other CrossControl displays, the new CCpilot VI comes with the open and modular LinX software application platform. The CCpilot VI can also support system engineers who choose CODESYS because of the speed in creating applications. While it enables others who choose programming in Qt to leverage the hardware accelerated graphics and all the advanced graphical features of this framework, like transparency, glow, animations and transitions.


Entry-level display for HMI systems that may have more functionality in the future
Because it uses the same software application platform as the larger CrossControl displays, CCpilot VI is a future proof entry level display. Applications developed for it will run on all the displays in the CrossControl range. This enables OEMs and System Suppliers to move up in display size and re-use all the software as the HMI system evolves over time.


One HMI display platform for a complete machine range
After adding the new CCpilot VI to the portfolio, CrossControl offers OEMs a display size range from 3’’5 to 15’’ – all with Linux operating system and the open LinX software application platform. This is a big benefit for OEMs that want to support a range of machines where different machine configurations require a range of display sizes with different scope of functionality. You can develop a modular HMI system in one tool where all apps will run on any CrossControl display.



Highly capable display for compact machinery
In compact machinery, CCpilot VI can be the main terminal in the cab, hosting multiple HMI functions within the footprint of a traditional gauge instrument. Supported by hardware acceleration and the great TFT specification, the software platform enables you to create a Graphical User Interface that efficiently handles far more graphical information than what traditional 3’’5 displays are capable of. Through smart UI design, the CCpilot VI 3’’5 display can replace a much bigger traditional display, saving real-estate in a cramped environment.


Don’t forget the tools
Many tool carrier vehicles, like utility tractors and excavators, fail to offer good control integration for third party tools and attachments. But tool and attachment suppliers want to leverage technology and equip their product with smart controls and user-friendly operator interaction – because it makes their product better! The rich capabilities and the small form factor make the new CCpilot VI ideal for use in tool control systems. In addition to providing the operator with feedback on the tool work process it can be used for an array of functions including safety warning, data logging, electronic manuals and more. The small and light weight form factor enables easy cab installation as it can use the same type of fasteners and holders that are being used for Smartphones.