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Learn More About iMX8 based product development and testing at ConExpo 2020

Written: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 12:40:00 PM

As a standard part of continuing work in developing new products we have been testing the latest iMX8 application processors from NXP. The application processor platform supports coming system requirement like machine learning, object detection, multiple camera streaming and virtualisation. This new computer architecture will be used to enable the next generation computing platform for industrial machines.

The ARM based application processors and computing cores found in products currently on machines in the field, like the iMX5 and iMX6, can ably produce smooth vector and 2D graphics as well as light 3D modelling, in our testing this allows the application processor to produce results on our GUI demo framework of between 16 and 30 FPS for the majority of configurations and under typical (synthetic) loads. The new iMX8 application processors are much, much faster. With a far more advanced integrated GPU and a more customisable and tuneable computing framework the iMX8 application processor used in testing could render the demo application with FPS above 60 FPS, only limited by the frame rate of TFTs used in the testing process. These sample results showing 2-3 times the performance of even the iMX6 (and an even higher increase over iMX5) represent a significant leap in the available technology for implementing highly responsive and fluent Graphical user interfaces in industrial machines while maintaining the important cost to performance ratio. 

This boost in graphical performance not only applies to current Qt or QML applications or the framerate from multiple video streams but also enables new support for computing APIs opening up entirely new avenues for application development that earlier ARM based application processors were unable to utilise. The iMX8x platform leverages the next generation of graphics APIs and frameworks, making it possible to realize advanced systems in a lean way. The GPU and software layers of the iMX8x support Vulkan, enabling the advantages of the new graphics backend of QT 6, which is expected to be released in Q4 2020. The iMX8x also offers support for advanced operator support functionality like multiple digital camera streams, stream stitching to create panoramic views, object detection and classification as well as speech recognition. With its vast software support the iMX8x application processor enables a future ready platform for machine intelligence.

Visitors to ConExpo 2020 are invited to join CrossControl in South Hall 4, booth S84043.

Take a look at our iMX8x performance comparison video >> 

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iMX8x performance comparison chart