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New 9” High Performance Display Computer

Written: Tuesday, August 20, 2019 8:45:00 AM
The CrossControl CCpilot XM series of display computers are deployed by leading OEMs in a broad range of industrial equipment globally. With its sleek form, powerful processor, robust aluminium housing and touch screen it has proven perfect for the demanding conditions in these applications where you need to combine advanced computing and intuitive user interaction with the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. 
CrossControl launched the latest model of the XM series, the CCpilot XM9, at Bauma 2019. Boasting a powerful quad core Intel Atom CPU and hardware accelerated graphics this smaller form factor display is perfect for rugged machinery. It comes with a 9’’, high-brightness display featuring a PCAP touch screen, enabling a modern and intuitive user experience. The CCpilot XM9 runs an advanced Linux operating system to support OEMs that wish to directly launch their applications and platforms.
The CCpilot XM9 now supports the increased bandwidth of CAN FD. Utilising the higher throughput of the CAN FD protocol and hardware, users can speed up the transfer of larger data, typically requested for software loading but also useful for other data-intense communication. CAN FD ports can be configured to be used with existing CAN networks allowing for legacy integration. 
The CCpilot XM9 is also available with the open LinX Software Suite. Custom applications previously created for any other CCpilot device can be easily ported to the new CCpilot XM9 due to the compatibility enabled by the common platform. The LinX Software Suite is an open modular framework based on Linux and QT providing support for a range of modules including UX Design, Fieldbus access, CODESYS, legacy application integration, fleet management and IoT tools, all available in one easy to use platform for complete HMI solutions. 
This open software platform, used across all the devices in the CrossControl line-up, can present huge savings to OEMs as they can reuse bespoke applications without spending more resources on additional development, reducing both their overheads and their time to market. The LinX Software Suite features ready-made software components and libraries that help shorten the application design cycle. Examples include GUI object libraries, components for creating analog and digital video applications, and an embedded component for displaying PDF manuals. With the LinX architecture it is easy to apply additional open source components to any project to further shorten the application design cycle.
Leading productivity system suppliers highlight integration as one of the biggest obstacles to getting the most out of productivity and safety systems, with the wide line up from CrossControl this problem has been solved as every ARM and x86 based device runs the same open software platform allowing an entire productivity system to be run on and supported by CrossControl displays, core modules, telematics units and controllers. 
With the CCpilot XM9 CrossControl have expanded their portfolio to present OEMs with more choice and flexibility to integrate the right solution for them, while minimizing resource spend and maximising software viability, all to create a better HMI productivity package for operators.
Display computer CCpilot XM9