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New family of I/O control products

Written: Monday, January 16, 2017 1:45:00 PM

Controllers for building modular control systems

Our new family of I/O control products enable OEMs and system designers to build modular control systems. Through high software configurability, it makes it possible to create systems which are easier to manage, scalable and less costly. The modular control system approach makes it easy to handle optional machine features and variations across a wide equipment product range.

The new family of I/O control products will be showcased at ConExpo, booth B91913, in Las Vegas.


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CrossFire SX is a versatile,
freely programmable
I/O controller with 38 I/O
channels based on the
latest safety technology.

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CrossFire IX is a compact
I/O device with 22 I/O
channels, offering a very
affordable addition of I/O
channels when the task
does not require the large
CrossFire SX controller

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CrossFire SX can be set
up for virtually any sensor
or actuation device. It is
freely configurable as I/O
device or Smart I/O device.


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