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A new Fleet Management platform

Written: Monday, March 15, 2010 1:45:00 PM

Article published in the iVT Magazine.

A new Fleet Management platform that is seamlessly integrated with the machine control system can turn mere vehicle suppliers into leading machine service providers.

Fleet management solution

Over the past few years, machine control systems have improved in their fault-finding and maintenance abilities. A control system often contributes with vital information and calibration possibilities through service tools or through its user interface. The effectiveness of the service personnel working in the field has, over time, been greatly improved by control system functionality such as event logs, error logs, parameter viewing and setting and software updates.

The logical next step in service and maintenance effectiveness is to make parts of the control system functionality available to the back office. This will allow problems to be solved without having to be present at the machine.

The control system information can be used to diagnose the current machine state. It can also be used to make a prognosis about the occurrence of future fault states. If diagnoses and prognoses can be made available back office, a range of
new opportunities open up to improve service and maintenance.

Besides fault-related information, machines also produce information describing the results of their usage, such as production data. By providing this information to machine owners and end users via the back office, machine utilisation
can be monitored in near real time, making manual reporting and administration redundant and providing a means of
improving utilisation.

At Bauma 2010, CrossControl will introduce a new integrated machine diagnostics and fleet management platform for the OEM market. It addresses both the typical end-user needs (such as machine position and fuel usage) and the more advanced machine diagnostics features that OEMs can use to create a more profitable aftermarket business. The solution is flexible enough to be used out of the box but can also be tailored for specific needs.

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