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A touch of the future

Written: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 1:30:00 PM

Article published in the iVT Magazine.

Owners of even the most general purpose machines are now expecting increased efficiency through the use of modern controls and onboard computing.

The functionality of a machine is to a considerable extent realised in software, a trend that can be expected to continue. With even basic CAN-based controls, OEMs can create added value by introducing onboard diagnostics, video surveillance, user-support tools, and fleetmanagement functionality. In essence, we are on the path towards making the machines more intelligent. 

There are complex, specialised machines where this development is already far advanced. In a forest harvester, for example, the duty cycle needs to be very high if the owner of the machine is to get a reasonable payback on the investment. In a container terminal, the different handling equipment needs to be seamlessly integrated, with the highest possible uptime, to meet the increasing expectations of timely goods delivery.
Now the operation of general purpose and less complex machines is becoming subject to similar expectations. Increasing competition requires a focus on operational efficiency. In response to this development, CC Systems launched the new onboard display computer platform CCpilot XA. This advanced but slim product platform makes it possible to create advanced, next-generation control and machine-management systems for vehicles that previously could not justify the cost of such systems. 

What happens when a potential buyer of a new machine notices the in-cab display? He will hopefully think that the display is good as it gives him direct, easy-tointerpret feedback on various machine functions. Moreover, he will probably push the display surface with his finger, in an attempt to interact with the machine; an instinctive interactive behaviour learned through the use of PDAs, touch-screen mobile phones and so on. 

CCpilot XA uses a robust, yet affordable, touch screen and, with the 7in widescreen display size, it is possible to create a user interface with large icons that enables easy interaction even during bumpy rides. The platform also supports 8in and 10in screens.

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