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CCpilot VA, a new 7” display computer

Written: Tuesday, April 7, 2015 4:05:00 PM

As demand increases for enhanced level of operator support, many construction equipment types are fitted with larger displays with more functionality integrated.

CCpilot VA is a new 7’’ display from CrossControl making it easy and affordable to achieve a user interface with sharp look-and-feel, intuitive interaction and a higher level of operator support. Through hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D and vector graphics, it offers higher ability to create a premium user experience than other 7’’ displays in the market.

CCpilot VA comes with 2xCAN, 2xUSB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces as well as analog Video input. It also features 8 configurable inputs for digital and analog sensors as well as 2 configurable outputs. CCpilot VA offers flexibility in user interaction; it features 10 soft keys, freely configurable, and a PCAP touch screen for modern and intuitive interaction with the vehicle system.

Through the launch of CCpilot VA, CrossControl now offers 5’’, 7’’, 10’’ and 12’’ displays based on the same core and having the same software platform. This enables software re-use and drastically reduced spend in software development for OEMs that need a range of display sizes for different equipment programs. So maybe size does not matter after all – it’s more about technique.

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CCpilot VA display computer