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CCpilot VC display loaded with value

Written: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 11:00:00 AM

The new CCpilot VC is the latest addition to the CrossControl Vision line of displays, a product line that enables a premium user experience in cost sensitive equipment and applications. The combination of a screen with excellent readability, multifunctional capability and a powerful and open software platform makes CCpilot VC a platform for next generation Human-Machine Interaction systems.

The CCpilot VC features a 5” TFT display with higher resolution and contrast than most display products in the market in this size category. The TFT display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, has 24-bit color depth, and a brightness of 700cd/m2. Optional optical bonding enhances sunlight readability from great to brilliant.

For interaction the CCpilot VC offers the option of a durable touchscreen, eight back-lit soft keys that are freely configurable, or a combination with both touch screen and soft keys.

The lightweight yet sturdy plastic enclosure offers IPP66 sealing. For cab integration you can choose to either panel mount or use an arm/bracket with a RAM® diamond plate.

CCpilot VC offers a rich set of interfaces to facilitate a high degree of system integration and use of the display for multiple purposes and functions. It features  two CAN ports, one 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, two USB 2.0 ports, a PAL/NTSC video input and I/O for sensors. The multifunctional capability makes it possible to create an integrated HMI system, saving both cost and space in the cab. 

The ARM Cortex A8 CPU and embedded Linux operating system makes CCpilot VC a powerful computing platform that supports high definition graphics and ability to have the display perform multiple functions. To offer OEMs and system developers a tool for fast software engineering the CCpilot VC comes with the open software application platform LinX Software Suite. The User Experience (UX) part of LinX is based on the Qt graphics framework which enables fast realization of premium and modern graphical user interfaces. The LinX platform also supports seamless integration of CoDeSys CrossControl offers the LinX Software Suite together with all its display products, enabling high degree of software re-use between different display sizes. Projects can be compiled for all the different products of the CrossControl display portfolio just with a few mouse clicks. With the platform being based on commercially available tools, the platform is really hardware independent, meaning that OEMs and system developers are not locked to the CrossControl hardware but can migrate applications to other display hardware with little effort.

CCpilot VC display computer