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Display launch!

Written: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 1:10:00 PM

CrossControl launches CCpilot VC, the latest addition to our CCpilot Vision line portfolio. CCpilot VC is a 5’’ color display with optional touch screen. The CCpilot VC has a truly multifunctional capability – it can be used as instrumentation display, control system GUI, video monitor, Service tool and more. This is a major benefit in space sensitive cabs where CCpilot VC can replace multiple smaller displays. With all HMI functions in one device you can create a more efficient and intuitive user interface.

The CCpilot VC comes with LinX Software Suite – a common software platform for all CrossControl display products. LinX is an open platform based on standards that offers several options to implement a smart HMI solution, including CoDeSys if you prefer PLC programming or Qt and C/C++ for more advanced programming. Further information >>