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Equipment telematics at your fingertips

Written: Monday, March 14, 2016 9:10:00 AM

The CrossControl LinX Software Suite is an open and modular software platform for realizing both basic and advanced HMI and vehicle control functionality. At Bauma 2016 CrossControl launches the next extension to LinX Software Suite – Enterprise Connect.

Enterprise Connect is a full-fledged Telematics system with on-board data collection, wireless communication, cloud hosting and back-office web clients for big data analysis and reporting.

One of the key features of LinX Software Suite is that all signals and data in the equipment control system - be it a operator joystick command, a sensor reading or a proportional drive output signal - are easily available to any software system running on the equipment. For Enterprise Connect, this brings tremendous advantages.

One purpose with telematics is to provide OEM organizations with feedback on how equipment fulfills the capabilities and specs that the OEM designed it to. With Enterprise Connect there is virtually no limit to what data you can retrieve.

Another purpose with telematics is aftermarket and service. With Enterprise Connect, all operator interaction with the equipment control system can be tracked, and it enables you to track not only alarms error codes but also data on maintenance-prone parts. This makes it easy to detect misuse and to offer preventive maintenance plans.  

The third purpose with telematics is operative data – like fuel consumption, production data and geographical info. Again, LinX Software Suite’s easy access to on-board data makes it possible to follow not only the obvious KPIs but also more elaborate Performance Indicators, like operator behaviors.

Enterprise Connect is a pre-packaged telematics solution – all the infrastructure is available out of the box. The choice of what data to collect is easily configured both in the on-board system and in the back-office client software. It’s Equipment telematics at your fingertips.

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Telematics at your fingertips with Enterprise Connect