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Follow-up on Safety seminar

Written: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 8:30:00 AM

On the 22nd of November 2010 we gathered some of our German customers in Nuremberg for a seminar on Functional Safety. The purpose of the seminar was to share our experiences in developing systems and solutions for safety critical applications. But also to share general experiences between engineering and product management colleagues in the business.

Functional safety has received increased attention through stricter legislation and new and updated international standards. Machines with embedded electronic systems are performing more and more advanced functions and vehicles are becoming autonomous. While new functionalities promise enhanced safety and improved performance, they are also associated with new faults, failure modes and risks. For this reason we see that safety engineering has to evolve.

The seminar has shed light on best practices for how to run a successful development project, with functional safety requirements. During the event we presented our knowledge on how to run LEAN safety project with all its challenges and also its connection to research in that area.

We are currently involved in a number of European research projects with participants from leading universities as well as global market leading machine builders. In addition to the research on LEAN, the projects also work on how to improve test coverage in safety projects. All participants agreed that this together with good tool chains is key factors for successful projects.

Summarizing the feedback received from the participants, we clearly see this type of competence seminar as the future for sharing our extensive experience from putting humans in control of machines in critical environments.