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Functional safety update

Written: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 11:20:00 AM


Functional safety has received increased attention through stricter legislation and new and updated international standards. Machines with embedded electronic systems are performing more and more advanced functions and vehicles are becoming autonomous. While new functionalities promise enhanced safety and improved performance, they are also associated with new faults, failure modes and risks. For this reason, CrossControl pushes various activities to evolve safety engineering in the industrial vehicle business.
In November 2010 CrossControl arranged a seminar on Functional Safety in Nuremberg, with participants from a number of German industrial vehicle OEMs. The purpose of the seminar was to share experiences in developing systems and solutions for safety critical applications. The seminar shed light on best practices for how to successfully run a development project with functional safety requirements. At the event CrossControl presented research in the field of LEAN safety. One off the main take-aways from the seminar was that an appropriate software tool chain is a key success factor in safety engineering. CrossControl is planning repeat seminars on the same topic.

CrossControl is involved in a number of European research projects with participants from leading universities as well as software-intensive industrial partners. One project will advance the state-of-practice in test automation. The CrossControl simulation and test platform, CCSimTech, is applied as the framework that we will be using in the project. Other projects address productivity and safety through flexible safety functions, advanced operator assistance, and methods for modularized safety argumentation.