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Heavy dependencies

Written: Monday, November 3, 2014 1:05:00 PM

When Faymonville designed their new remote controlled super trailer they needed a powerful and reliable platform for realizing the interface between the operator and the machine. They ended up with a system solution including two CCpilot XS display computers  – one attached to the machine control system and one in the remote control panel. “We choose CCpilot XS displays due to their robustness and reliability. And having a freely programmable platform was also important for us.” says Robert Franzen, Development Engineer at Faymonville. Faymonville’s customer Sarens, a global leader in heavy lifting and transportation contracting, have field tested with success a prototype of the new trailer for 12 months.

Faymonville is a leading supplier of Semi-trailors for heavy handling, based in Belgium.

Faymonville CCpilot XS display computer