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HICAN - a cost-efficient alternative to CANopen Safety

Written: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 1:15:00 PM

HICAN (High Integrity CAN) is a protocol and an implementation which enables reliable detection of communication errors occurring between any two nodes in an ordinary CAN network. It is developed as a simpler and cheaper alternative to CANopen Safety, with the specific aim to meet the demands of safety-related systems and applications. In particular, HICAN is especially suited for systems where nodes may go to a so-called safe state independently of other nodes in the system, and for systems where only a limited part of the network traffic is safety-related, adding only a minor additional cost.

The CrossControl HICAN implementation is entirely software-based. Thus, errors originating from the CAN controllers themselves are handled in the exact same way as any other communication errors, and any available off-the-shelf (non-certified) CAN controller hardware may be used.

HICAN is developed to meet SIL 3 according to IEC-61508. To reduce the effort for system certification, which for many industrial vehicle OEMs is considerable, we have taken great care in developing also the HICAN documentation. The documentation is easily reused in the safety argumentation of the final system. Furthermore the test software shipped with HICAN automatically tests the specific configuration when integrated into a system.