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Written: Thursday, December 8, 2011 2:30:00 PM

No matter how rapidly technology advances, people always want more. An open software tool chain approach for guis enables easy realisation of a premium user experience.

With touchscreens that provide new, intuitive ways of interaction and a sharp GUI, smartphones represent a new reference for product usability. And now operators of industrial vehicles are asking for the same kind of user experience. Observing first meetings between end users and vehicles confirms that operators are open to, or even expect, new HMI solutions – after getting seated in the cabin and fiddling with joysticks, their next move is to seek interaction with the machine by poking the in-cab display screen. In addition, little attention is given to the interface’s graphical design – consumers expect a brand to be all-encompassing, so a welldesigned user interface should not merely address the vehicle’s usability but also the brand’s visual appearance. This represents a major untapped potential for differentiation in the industrial vehicle market.
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