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LinX Software Suite - for powerful HMI development

Written: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 12:40:00 PM

The CrossControl display portfolio supports different levels of need – from simple visualization of engine data to comprehensive work process control and vehicle management. Obviously, an ‘intelligent HMI’ is not the same solution in the wheeled excavator on a building construction site as in the production drill rig in the quarry. But diverse applications have one thing in common – the intelligence is all about software.

The CrossControl solution is to offer a palette of software frameworks and tool chains, supporting both different levels of system complexity/intelligence and different approaches to software design. CrossControl has integrated these different software solutions in the LinX Software Suite which is a common platform for all CrossControl display products. The platform is based on open standards and you can choose a range of programming tools; the QuiC configuration tool which requires no programming skills, CoDeSys for users that prefer PLC programming and Qt and C/C++ for more advanced programming. Through this approach, OEMs and system developers have the right tools to develop intelligent HMIs efficiently with high quality.

The UX Designer (User eXperience) module of LinX Software Suite contains smart graphical components and powerful style sheets - smart in the sense that they are highly and easily adaptable and that they by design ensure a high standard in terms of usability and interaction design. To provide modern and smooth user interaction the UX Designer includes powerful features like animations, transitions and other effects - everything supported by hardware accelerated graphics. In addition, CrossControl offers its customers engineering services to support implementation of intelligent HMI solutions. Services cover all aspects of such a project, from Interaction Design and Usability aspects to software implementation and verification.

The CrossControl display portfolio has two product lines; the CCpilot Xtreme line is designed for advanced HMI applications in the toughest environments and the CCpilot Vision line is designed for in-cab HMI functions in standard vehicle applications. The latest addition to the portfolio is the CCpilot VC, a 5’’ color display with optional touch screen. The VC has a truly multifunctional capability – it can be used as instrumentation display, control system GUI, video monitor, Service tool and more. This is a major benefit in space sensitive cabs where CCpilot VC can replace multiple smaller displays. With all HMI functions in one device you can create a more efficient and intuitive user interface. The CCpilot VC comes with the LinX Software Suite, meaning that the road is open to implement a truly intelligent HMI solution. Information about CCpilot VC >>

CCpilot VA display computer
CCpilot VA 7’’– the latest addition to CrossControl’s portfolio of displays for making machines smart, safe and productive. More information about CCpilot VA >>