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Loads of news at Intermat 2015

Written: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 8:45:00 AM

Take the opportunity to be guided through our portfolio, from instrumentation and sensing technology to advanced display computer solutions at Intermat, booth 5a H 105.

We are proud to present...

  • CCpilot VA is a new 7’’ display making it easy and affordable to achieve a user interface with sharp look-and-feel, intuitive interaction and a higher level of operator support. For more information about CCpilot VA >>
  • With radically improved computing and graphics performance, the new CCpilot XM2 in 10’’ and 12’’ size is a display computer for advanced applications in extreme environments. For more information about CCpilot XM2 >>

For questions and to book meetings, please contact wiebke.wendebaum@crosscontrol.com.

Display computers at Intermat