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Major product news revealed

Written: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 12:50:00 PM

At a product preview workshop in Düsseldorf October 14-16, CrossControl gave a preview of groundbreaking product news released in late 2014. A selected group of customers in the industrial vehicle space attended the un-boxing of CCpilot VC - the latest addition to the CrossControl display portfolio. CCpilot VC is a 5’’ display with multifunctional capability and high graphics performance. It enables equipment OEMs to create HMI systems that offer end users a premium user experience also in cost sensitive equipment.  At the event, CrossControl also revealed the next release of LinX Software Suite, the software platform for efficient application engineering on all CrossControl display products. It offers improvements in a number of areas where the single biggest news is Qt5, enabling next generation HMI design with QML. With QML you can realize dynamic GUIs with high usability with a fraction of the resource spend needed when using traditional programming. The event also contained a session on the increasing importance of UX design in the industrial vehicle space and how to tackle this, hosted by CrossControl’s interaction design leader.

We are thankful for the contributions from all visitors and all interactions and discussions during the workshop. It inspired the CrossControl team on site and confirmed that CrossControl is developing its HMI portfolio to meet the needs of the market – making machines smart, safe and productive.

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CCpilot VC display computer for machine control