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New display line for agri and construction

Written: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 1:20:00 PM
The new product line, Vision line, has been developed in response to increasing demand for displays that provide better operator support and a premium user experience.
Users of industrial vehicles are increasingly expecting the same user experience in their work equipment as they get with their Smartphone or in their car. It is partly a question of generation but the trend is there and it will prompt equipment suppliers to react in order to keep their machines attractive. The CrossControl response to this trend is to adapt the technologies from the Smartphone and automotive markets in a product packaging for the industrial vehicle domain. The company has been on this path since years with the CCpilot X-line of displays, targeting “x-treme” applications; sturdy alu-enclosures for extreme environmental conditions, a wide set-up of interfaces for both wired and wireless connectivity, robust DIN M12 connectors and high-end computing performance has characterized this product line.
Like has been the case in the automotive industry, we can project also for the industrial vehicle market that most of the innovations will come in the domain of software, through soft products and apps that help improve the user experience, human-machine interaction, equipment utilization and Life Cycle Profit. For advanced industrial machinery, this is already the case, illustrated by the developments in e.g. advanced forestry machines, tractors and mining equipment. What will follow is the same development also in less advanced/costly equipment, requiring a product packaging suitable for those markets.
The maximCrossControl response to this development is the CCpilot V-line of displays. “V” could be read as “half an X” but actually represents “Value”. Both interpretations are valid as the V-line in essence means feature cuts compared to the CCpilot X-line and a more suitable product packaging; all products in the V-line come with robust plastic enclosures and multi-pin connectors for external interfaces. This is a more efficient approach for larger series of machines, having pre-produced wiring harnesses for rapid installation of electronics at the assembly line. The CCpilot V-line utilizes the same computing cores and software frameworks as the X-line, meaning they offer the same abilities in terms of software functionality.
The CCpilot V product line contains the following display products:
• CCpilot VI -  3’’5 QVGA color display, easily programmed and configured with the LinX configuration tool
• CCpilot VC – 4’’3 QVGA color display with optional touch screen, powerful ARM CPU with Linux, either programmed with the LinX configuration tool or freely programmable in Qt or CoDeSys
• CCpilot VA – 7’’ WVGA color display with touch screen, high-performance ARM CPU with Linux, freely programmable in Qt or CoDeSys
• CCpilot VS – 10’’ XGA color display with touch screen, high-performance ARM CPU with Linux, freely programmable in Qt or CoDeSys
In the CCpilot V-line we have combined the experience of Maxima Technologies in realizing products for high production volumes with the advanced computing and software competence of CrossControl. The result is a product line satisfying the next generation HMI needs in less advanced industrial vehicles built in high volumes. 
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