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PC-level functionality to the most extreme operating environments

Written: Friday, September 17, 2010 8:55:00 AM

Article published in the iVT Magazine.

Designing robust and reliable control systems and graphical displays for industrial vehicle applications has always required moving away from the high-performing standard segment of computer devices. The embedded solutions available with required robustness, have often had setbacks in the area of performance and graphical capabilities. With the new CCpilot XM, this is no longer the case.
CCpilot XM

CCpilot XM enables any developer to design state-of-the-art control systems and user interfaces for industrial vehicle applications. The combination of high performance, top-of-the-line environmental tolerance, a full setup of integrated hardware interfaces and a totally open software-development platform makes its usability almost endless. CCpilot XM meets the requirements of any type of industry application, from safetycertified real-time controller system to professional-looking user interfaces, or both at the same time.

Based on an Intel Atom processor core, and with a highly capable graphics solution, CCpilot XM can tackle tough performance challenges. The Linux or Windows operating system support means that developers can use the most modern and effective development tools, along with the same powerful support that is offered for desktop PCs. For controller tasks,  CCpilot XM can be pre-installed with a Soft PLC runtime that follows the IEC 61131 standard. With the Soft PLC installed, a master node can very easily be designed, making the display ready for highly capable controller applications, ready to integrate into most available fieldbus standards. This powerful software support makes it possible to create advanced functionality but it also saves considerable time and resources.

CCpilot XM offers a full set of optional interfaces; with a capability to have CAN, Ethernet, serial, USB 2.0, WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth and camera input in the same device. Having all these interfaces available in a single controller makes it possible to design a well-integrated system with more functionality realised in software, saving both cabin space and system cost.

The safety version, CCpilot XMs, enables SIL2 compliance, which is equal to performance level d, according to ISO 13849-1. CCpilot XM offers top of-the-line tolerance to critical environments, combined with the reliability improvements that a safety certification implies. This results in an overall robustness never before seen in a PC for industrial vehicle service. The level of robustness saves OEMs considerable cost and effort in the field and strengthens their brand in the capacity as provider of advanced and thoroughly professional vehicle systems.

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