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Seminar on HMI attracted interest

Written: Monday, May 30, 2011 8:35:00 AM

On May 18 CrossControl organised a seminar in Frankfurt on the topic “HMI solutions for higher competitiveness”. With end users of industrial vehicles starting to have Smartphones as the reference for usability and interaction friendliness, they will be expecting a similar experience with the HMI in the vehicle they are operating. This is a challenge for the industrial vehicle sector and the objective with the seminar was to inspire the participants by showing how this is made possible in industrial vehicle contexts.

The seminar was attended by leading German industrial vehicle OEMs from segments like agriculture, construction equipment and utility vehicles.

The first seminar session addressed Interaction Design. Mr. Henrik Edlund from MRM Starsky described methods for developing interaction solutions and elaborated on ‘golden rule’ practices to consider in graphical user interface design.

Ken Lindfors, Head of Technology at CrossControl, gave a presentation of technology trends in general and elaborated on the importance of having a software tool chain strategy that supports efficient development of the more advanced kind of Graphical User Interfaces that the market asks for.

To illustrate that there are good examples of HMI systems that already meet the new expectations on usability and operator support, Jörgen Martinsson -Project Manager at CrossControl, presented a case study from the forestry segment. In this application, the HMI system supports the operator in configuring machine settings for best productivity and also provides a wealth of operator support such as production metrics, mapping, condition monitoring etc.

Finally, Dr. Rikard Land, Software systems developer at CrossControl, presented how requirements on functional safety can involve the HMI. The examples provided illustrated how CrossControl safety certified HMI-solutions have been deployed to solve such requirements.

Seminar takeaways: It is common that operators of industrial vehicles are not able to utilize the full potential of the vehicle/machine. This can lead to lost competitiveness and price erosion. Focusing on operator reality, being aware of that operators are very different and not always know what kind of support they need, is the base for designing successful HMI solutions. We should remember that there was no demand for an iPhone! It takes boldness to develop new, premium HMI solutions but there is great potential for those who lead the way.

CrossControl will be staging more events of this nature. You can keep track of our events planning on our website or by signing up for the CrossControl newsletter. One of the major coming events is Agritechnica 2011 where we will be staging a seminar in connection with the exhibition.

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