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Seminar on HMI-solutions for higher competitiveness

Written: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 1:40:00 PM

CrossControl arranges a free seminar on HMI-solutions for higher competitiveness on May 18th in Frankfurt. The goal is to shed light on the opportunities and technical strategies for enabling OEMs to work efficiently with HMI design.

For complex vehicles and machines it can be a challenge to make the operator utilise the full potential and capacity of the vehicle. This could lead to that the value of the machine is not recognised, leading to lost competitiveness and price erosion.

The task of the HMI solution is to put the operator in control but it is often the case that we design these systems based on our own, often engineering-based, background. Successful design of HMI systems puts more focus on the operator reality and translates ‘low-level’ technical features in the vehicle system into value functions that the operator can understand and utilise. This may often include automating certain operations, pre-defining operating modes and implementing easy-to-understand settings. This problem is made even more evident when moving into new markets where operator skill levels are different from traditional markets.

Another aspect of HMI design is the graphical appearance and ‘look’ of the user interface. The graphics is becoming a more important carrier of the brand message.

Does this sound interesting? Meet us in Frankfurt on the 18th of May, register by e-mail to wiebke.wendebaum@crosscontrol.com.