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Operational excellence

Written: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 1:32:00 PM

As a forward looking company CrossControl has made a significant investment in a new surface mount technology (SMT) line to keep pace with future demand, streamline our production process and keep our manufacturing facility state of the art and in line with our products and philosophy.

The new system will include four pick and place machines that will decrease our production time enabling us to continue to achieve excellent on-time delivery results as well as reducing our failure rate due to improvements in the new PnP technology.

As part of integrating the new line we will be able to introduce even more stringent quality controls including pre and post reflow automated object inspections (AOI) and solder paste inspections in addition to our existent testing which will remain in place including 24hour burn in tests. Combined all of our tests will help reduce our already low failure rate even further, and the improved AOI will help us with defect detection during the process to stop trends before they become patterns, improve the overall process and reduce the number of failed runs in significantly less time, further improving our ability to deliver our display computers, controllers and communication devices to customers on time and with the highest quality. 

The new line has more fixed rigged components, which further reduces production time for each board and the increased amount of feeders in the four PnP machines will improve our ability to accommodate high mix and low volume production runs. This enables CrossControl to meet OEM order requirements quickly and on time while maintaining our high standards across all products. 

The new machines have already started to arrive at our headquarters in Alfta, Sweden. The entire system will be on line in our renovated production facility in April 2019.

New SMT line