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PhD student in Computer Science

Written: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Do you want to be a part of the next generation of vehicle interaction design? CrossControl is now offering a PhD research position in immersive visualization using mixed reality.

Position description

The focus of this PhD student position is to research design technology and techniques for interaction in work machines, i.e heavy vehicles, through integration and use of immersive visualization technology (particularly see-through visualization technology developed in the ImmerSAFE research project, described below). The purpose is to create novel designs for interaction with the vehicles and the environment, providing enhanced operator experiences and efficiency, as well as improved safety and ergonomics. The work includes to investigate what kind of information is useful to the operator, how it should be displayed and what are the interaction techniques and interaction modalities most suitable for a diverse set of work machines. As these vehicles work in a real-time production process, and a rough environment, the work will also consider how the aspects of real-time and system robustness affect the system realization.

The project will be performed in the project “Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications” (ImmerSAFE), which is European project that will include 15 PhD-students in 5 countries (Finland, Croatia, Italy, Norway, and Sweden). In addition to post-graduate studies at CrossControl and MDH in Västerås, Sweden, the recruited PhD-student interact extensively with the 14 partners in the project and will do part of his/her research as secondments for up to three months at some of the partners premises.

The position is to be hosted by CrossControl and Embedded Systems (ES) at MDH. ES is the most research-intensive research environment at Mälardalen University and a national leader in embedded-systems research. This co-operation provides an inspiring mix of a dynamic industrial environment and stimulating research environment. Both characterized by a cooperative atmosphere, openness, and team spirit – a great environment for a researcher to grow in.

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