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Rapid increase in software requirements means new platform development

Written: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 8:01:00 AM

At CrossControl we see some big changes happening in the industry. We use these trends to shape the evolution of products and services. With the fast paced changes sweeping through our industry incremental advancements of good products is no longer enough to meet the needs of tomorrow. Our conversations with customers and collaborators have reinforced this impression. That is why our latest platform iteration supports the latest software innovations and machine learning systems as well as providing a structure for long term system implantation and platform longevity. CrossControl has always shown a penchant for research, development and innovation in this space as well as a proven track record of supporting customers over system generation shifts. As the industry adapts to these new approaches, CrossControl is at the forefront of developing solutions that support new system architecture and software requirements.

As the latest industry trends take hold including a lack of experienced operators and the importance of a machines total productivity to the bottom line of an operation a transformative approach to what is expected from smart vehicle systems is required. As the latest modern machines require guidance systems, semi automation tools, safety systems to allow for efficient mixed operations more is required from their on-board computing products. New machines also need to support continuous OTA updates to maintain efficiency and remain competitive in a fast changing landscape; this also enables OEMs to add value with the latest software features. The power of software to enable quick improvements was recently showcased by Tesla which launched a new safety feature within 6 weeks of the concept being considered, faster than mechanical prototyping let alone product rollout.

Modern cabs are investing in new approaches to streamline the process for the user, allowing the often inexperienced operator to concentrate on the task at hand, with the platform enabled to assist as much possible via increasing levels of automation. The platform can then automatically switch between pre-set modes and operation controls as the tasks change, helping the user to maintain focus and control as they progress through their work schedule.

New machines need to be able to implement subsystems for machine learning, deliver on functional safety, guide users through augmented reality, enable robust security, provide virtualisation for sensitive system protection, integrate advanced camera solutions and be continuously and safely updatable in the field.

Embedding intelligence into machines can create an enormous amount of added value both to operators and OEMs, through next generation display and computing platforms OEMs can offer cluster functionality and machine settings, advanced machine controls like boom tip functionality and task automation control. New in-cab control systems can also offer process control like ISOBUS in agriculture or automated grading control in construction. With multifunctional terminals these processes can be integrated with operator support systems like camera systems, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, and guidance suites.

Supporting systems for owners and OEMs need to provide predictive maintenance and on board diagnostics but also have an eye to the future with support for OTA updates and a logical path for incorporating future updates.

To achieve continued success requires forward thinking and innovative implementation. Displays computers and computing products such as black boxes need to be built upon a new system and software architecture that offers support for the future of the industry not just the tasks of today At CrossControl we are committed to offering products and services that help customers succeed in this transition. Stay tuned for are latest platform developments like the new display computer products based on iMX8 that are coming soon.

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