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Smart and Lean Telematics

Written: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 11:11:00 AM

As OEMs continue to look to add value to the user, the advancement of telematics has come to the forefront of machine control development. For example simple GPS systems have evolved to using GPS to guide off-highway vehicles in a precise pattern or route, avoid unseen hazards and cover all of an area with the minimum distance of travel. Telematics solutions can now range from making basic production data available to full-fledged remote diagnostics systems.

Producers of large hydraulics systems have looked at how these advancements can help manage their systems in a highly cost efficient manner, utilising the CrossFire IX as a headless controller, data logger and wireless gateway. The system can record expansion times, monitor how the user employs the hydraulics, run system diagnostics and record anomalies as well as tracking user statistics and timings, this data logging can lead to a greater understanding of their own systems, show real world testing over an extended timeframe and provide insight into customer tendencies and future needs. For the user, the information can provide instant feedback via the built-in Wi-Fi interface directly to the user’s smartphone or tablet. The CrossFire IX sifts the data at source, performing a number of functions and algorithms, so as to only send the relevant data. This means that tailor made specific use instructions can be deployed to provide critical warnings, system check reminders or inform with relevant information like task completions or weight tallies.

OEM Implement manufacturers who were looking to marry smart telematics with user feedback selected a display option. For a cost efficient solution the next generation CCpilot VI from CrossControl was the perfect choice. The footprint of the device is about the same as a gauge instrument and the device can find a home in even the smallest cabs. The CCpilot VI is a multifunctional display that, through built-in Bluetooth, does away with the need for a separate wireless module further improving on cost savings. Like in the previous use case, the user smartphone is used for transferring data to the cloud. The CCpilot VI features a rugged nylon casing built, and tested, to withstand the toughest environments and a bright, class leading, 3.5” display. Like all the devices in the CCpilot range the VI comes with an open source, freely programmable software platform offering OEMs the freedom to develop the applications they need.

CrossControl has looked at what both the OEM and operator is looking for from telematics and developed our Smart Telematics and Enterprise Connect system to fully serve both, at the machine, on site and take it to anywhere the data is required.

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