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Smart Industrial Machines See the Future Like Never Before

Written: Monday, October 12, 2020 9:03:00 AM

Combining advanced operator displays and camera systems enables the creation of ADAS and smarter machine controls to improve operator productivity.

Shift change—an operator looks at her screen which logs her in through facial recognition and reads off a new set of instructions. Once she finishes reading the instructions, a camera facing her senses that she has completed the page and switches the screen to show a video feed from the machine’s forward-facing camera. The screen shows a pathway, superimposed over the camera feed, along the warehouse floor along which she pilots her machine. As she approaches a set of tall wide shelves, at the end of an alleyway of tall wide shelves, the screen highlights in bright green a pallet high on the third shelf; the superimposed pathway finishes right in front of the pallet with a small square to indicate it is the object she is to retrieve. As she reaches the square, the screen switches to a camera feed at the top of the machine and focuses on the highlighted load. She activates her lift forks and sees guidance lines showing when her tool tips are in line with the pallet 15 ft. (4.6 m) above her head; when in line with the pallet, the machine’s tool control self-triggers stop.

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CCpilot V700 display computer

Article written by Thieme Wels and Ken Lindfors. 
Published in OEM Off-Highway, on August 25th, 2020