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Written: Monday, August 26, 2019 11:27:00 AM
CrossControl offers flexible hardware solutions to provide the right HMIoT solution to the customer through our versatile telematics platform and modular approach. As part of this customer focused approach we have been continually updating our software to offer a more advanced, intuitive and flexible system. Some of our latest software updates include the implementation of new intuitive interfaces and on-demand over the air updates.
The Enterprise Connect module is a soft telematics controller providing an efficient toolchain for developing a telematics solution that supports the information needs of different stakeholders, from the machine operator to the OEM design engineer. It utilises the LinX data engine to send selected KPIs to the cab or back office, where ever it is needed whenever it is wanted. Unlike other telematics solutions, Enterprise Connect is seamlessly integrated with the vehicle control and HMI system. The Enterprise Connect module is available with the LinX Software Suite that is deployable on any CrossControl display or advanced controller. 
Customers are free to use their own established cloud solution or the cloud solution offered by CrossControl with the Enterprise Connect soft telematics controller. The CrossControl cloud solution offers a customisable dashboard featuring flexible access levels to suit all stake holders. It offers an attractive new intuitive interface with crisp clean visual data representations for quick information assimilation and a fresh modern feel. The freely configurable KPIs, unique to each vehicle and user, are displayed within customisable dashboards tailored to each user and access level. Adaptable alarm configurations can be implemented to suit each industry for everything from vehicle security and maintenance to site safety. Diagnostics, predictive maintenance, service scheduling, driver push notifications are all part of the suite for monitoring and avoiding potential engine issues. The system supports near instantaneous data updates for real time machine monitoring and control. Expanded fleet location functionality includes precise geo fencing, routing guidance and fleet mapping.
A key advantage of the latest upgrade is software over the air updates to push the latest software updates directly to the machine and ensure that every machine in the field is running the latest patches for the highest levels of security and productivity. With the right application it is even possible to send updates to attached tools and implements through the versatile telematics platform from CrossControl.
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