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Upgraded Modular ISOBUS Terminal Platform

Written: Friday, January 10, 2020 2:23:00 PM

As part of our wide portfolio of products CrossControl recently unveiled significant updates to our multi-functional ISOBUS Terminal Platform.

The changes include a new state-of-the-art 7” display featuring the latest ARM processors and a premium 12” display with a bright high contrast display for true sunlight readability. The 7” & 12” displays come with high resolution, PCAP touch screens. The 12” display has the power and screen real-estate to run several applications in a windowed arrangement. As an example, it is possible to simultaneously display a UT, guidance application, video monitoring and machine instrumentation in one array. This flexibility, combined with the open nature of our software allows adopters of the platform to create a unique and value adding solution for their machine without the restrictions that come with other ISOBUS terminals. The next generation of 7” displays is designed to satisfy more compact ISOBUS terminal needs, but retain multi-functional capabilities. With the smaller screen real-estate the system can be set-up so that the user can navigate between different applications with simple touch controls or through input from a connected controller, such as an armrest panel or joystick. This allows intuitive navigation between screens.

The displays run the latest version of our ISOBUS software package. Our version of the Universal Terminal provides a rich ISOBUS experience, with the ability to customize the look-and-feel of the UT to reflect both the OEMs brand and graphical style and the interface that provides the best user experience for that equipment.

CrossControl Displays feature an open Linux OS and support Qt for premium visual applications and cross platform support. On top of this base layer, CrossControl deploys the LinX Software Suite, an open and modular development tool chain that helps OEMs and System Integrators reduce engineering spend and shorten time to market. By using the LinX Software Suite to deploy our version of ISOBUS, CrossControl is able to run the UT and non-ISOBUS features like video monitoring and machine diagnostics concurrently, displayed side by side on larger displays like the 12” CCpilot VS and in switchable windowed applications on the smaller 7” displays. This creates a truly multifunctional ISOBUS terminal capable of handling all HMI needs in the cab. The latest version also includes the ability to run two UT applications concurrently for controlling multiple implements at the same time, increasing user efficiency and flexibility. Our new GeoSuite package for the LinX Software Suite combines the Task Controller that is integral to the success of modern ISOBUS systems and a new advanced navigation and guidance application. The TC functionality includes both simple data collection and geo referenced data storage. This allows users to precisely map yield production down to the smallest area, monitor crop patterns, adjust to trends and fix problems; quickly and precisely. In addition to yield mapping, geo-referenced data logging can also be used for tracking actual application rates for spray, fertilizer, and seed, or for soil sampling. The package includes an advanced navigation and guidance add-on application which provides additional operator aids. The application can incorporate direct GPS data, prebuilt maps from the farm or third party guidance support into a 3D field display. Complete with implement graphics and control tools. Field data and position are customisable by the user through the intuitive touch interface, so the user can adjust imported section control and operating guidance tools to suit their needs. The feature includes common and customisable guidance patterns and the interface and control functions needed for automatic steering. The mapping and autonomous drive system ensures the vehicle stays on the optimal path freeing up the operator to concentrate on other important tasks. By providing customers with a modular platform it is possible to create a tailored solution that suits any iron, whatever the colour.

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Upgraded modular ISOBUS terminal platform