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Versatile Telematics Platform

Written: Friday, April 5, 2019 12:52:00 PM

CrossControl is pleased to announce the relaunch of our telematics solutions, the HMIoT, Human Machine Interaction of Things. We have been working with connected vehicles since before the IoT was coined in 2002;
and our new platform is designed and built to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders at every level.‚Äč

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Our software solution features flexibility at every stage to ensure that OEMs can find the right solution, not just a solution. Enterprise Connect is a full-blown application offering an intuitive interface for monitoring KPIs at the fleet or units level. It is supported with a cloud integration package that OEMs and fleet owners can either choose to pair with their own existing cloud infrastructure or take advantage of the cloud solution offered by CrossControl to manage data distribution, over-the-air updates and vehicle management. Leaner solutions can leverage the power of Smart Connect which can link individual machines and smart devices to take advantage of supplementary HMI and connectivity options as a complementary unit in addition to the on machine device. OEMs are free to select the option that suits them or work with the talented engineers at CrossControl to build a custom solution to meet their unique requirements. A telematics system designed with the powerful LinX Software Suite tools from CrossControl can then be deployed on the hardware set-up best suited for the application. This enables OEMs to have a common and scalable telematics solution for their entire product portfolio, driving major savings through software re-use and ease of maintenance.

As a leading manufacturer of HMI solutions CrossControl has a wide portfolio of devices that fit into our relaunched HMIoT framework. Any of our displays or core devices paired with the CrossLink AI, a dedicated communication module that provides WLAN, GSM/GPRS modem, GNSS/GPS and GALILEO functionality, deliver advanced telematics to the stakeholder. The new CrossLink TG is an advanced standalone telematics module that can provide vehicle control, system monitoring and deliver all KPIs to the back office in a single black box. More price conscious applications that require leaner solutions can take advantage of the CrossFire IX machine controller which offers a very lean cloud connectivity solution by using its optional Wi-Fi module, connected through a smart device, it can sift data and send packets to the cloud. The CCpilot VI, a compact 3.5” display capable of video monitoring can provide a similarly lean solution achieved through its Bluetooth chipset connecting to a local smart device. 

With our HMIoT platform, system suppliers or OEMs are free to mix and match to build a solution that fits their requirements knowing that the open and modular approach from CrossControl, across hardware and software, can be tailored to provide the right solution for them. 


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