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CrossFire SX configurability

CrossFire SX has a total of 38 I/O channels. The 20 inputs are freely configurable as Digital, Current, Frequency and Voltage in different ranges in order to handle virtually any sensor typically used in industrial vehicles and mobile equipment. The 18 outputs are also freely configurable and feature advanced hydraulics control drives, DC motor and linear actuator drives and drives for LED lighting.

CrossFire SX is also freely configurable to take different roles in the control system architecture. It can be tasked as Master Controller, I/O device or Smart I/O device. The Smart I/O device configuration means an I/O device that can be programmed with CODESYS to handle local control logic.

All configuration of CrossFire SX is software based. I/O configuration, role configuration and application programming is all done with CODESYS, the soft PLC system that is widely adopted in the industrial vehicle control market. Whereas some controllers in the market uses older version of CODESYS, CrossFire SX uses the modern 3.5 version.

In large control systems with many I/Os to manage, there are many merits in moving controller hardware closer to the controlled functions. Besides a more dependable and affordable wiring solution, the use of a highly configurable controller means that the same controller hardware can be applied for the different functions. This modularity reduces complexity and simplifies spare parts management; just load the spare part controller with the software for the task and you are good to go. The new CrossFire SX controller has been developed to enable OEMs and system designers to build such modular systems.


I/O controller CrossFire SX

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CrossFire SX is a versatile,
freely programmable
I/O controller with 38 I/O
channels based on the
latest safety technology.

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CrossFire IX is a compact
I/O device with 22 I/O
channels, offering a very
affordable addition of I/O
channels when the task
does not require the large
CrossFire SX controller

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