Display computers, controllers, communication devices



Merchant vessels, ferries and off-shore vessels are equipped with a range of machine control and automation systems, depending on the vessel application. Separate systems for e.g. propulsion control, Dynamic Positioning, radar and navigation, means that there is often a need to integrate these different systems, forming a total ship automation and control solution that is user-friendly and efficient. At the same time, system suppliers have to satisfy class society requirements on safety.

CrossControl provides suppliers of propulsion systems, crane systems, winch systems etc. with HMI solutions for Bridge Panels and other work stations. Our hardware and software platforms enables easy integration of sub-systems using different interfaces, e.g. NMEA-2000, Modbus-RTU and RS422. The platforms support the redundancy and isolation solutions needed to meet safety requirements. By pre-testing at in-house facilities for EMC and other environmental tests, we ensure that tests at competent bodies are passed comfortably, simplifying approval by maritime class societies.

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