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The rail vehicle industry is gradually adopting to de-regulation and developing to meet increased demand for safe, fast and low-emission public transportation across the globe. TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) suppliers are challenged with increasing requirements on functional safety and today it is often the case that the HMI is part of the safety chain. In practice this means that the providing of information to the operator needs to be certified to EN50129 SIL2. Another important development in the rail vehicle sector is the move from MVB to Ethernet as main communication back-bone, leveraging generic development of Ethernet based technology and for example realizing CCTV functionality with IP video.

CrossControl supports rail vehicle OEMs and system suppliers with a portfolio of HMI system solutions aligned with these requirements and developments, meeting also the generic EN 50155 standard for rail vehicle electronics. Our solutions are deployed in rail projects globally, covering applications like autonomous shuttles, metros, regional, high-speed and locomotives.