Display computers, controllers, communication devices

  • Display computers

    Our range of robust display computers are applied to create a premium user experience in cost sensitive, commodity type vehicles as well as in advanced, specialised equipment. Through multi-functional capabilities, our display computers make dedicated devices for e.g. instrumentation, controls, video monitoring and wireless communication redundant, reducing system hardware cost.
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  • Controllers

    Our I/O controllers feature highly configurable I/O interfaces, flexibility in Master/Slave role assignment and variation in I/O count per device. This enables OEMs and system designers to design modular control systems where it is easy to handle optional features and variations across a wide equipment product range.

    Our main controllers are deployed to run advanced control, diagnostic and integrated fleet management applications. Powerful computing kernels and operating system support saves time in software development and maintenance throughout the system life cycle.

  • Communication devices

    Our communication devices extend infrastructure flexibility with remote wireless communication, integration of additional network protocols and increase of the number of devices that a network can manage.