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  • TriFlex

    3-gauge economy cluster
    3GEC Cluster is a competitively priced instrument cluster derived from a proven OEM platform that is ideal for construction and agricultural equipment. Unit provides two gauges, a full-size tachometer, LCD hourmeter and 12 indicators. As a standard platform, it can be readily adapted to myriad applications.

  • 3GC-1 cluster

    3GC-1 cluster
    Derived from an existing platform, 3GC-1 is a proven analog cluster solution designed especially for tractors and construction equipment. It fits conveniently in typical dashboards inside the perimeter of the steering wheel, with an oversized, easy-to-read tachometer.

  • 3GC-2 cluster

    3GC-2 cluster
    Derived from an existing platform, “3GC-2″ provides a taller enclosure accommodating three instruments, two LCDs and significant array of status indicators (26 total). This unit is especially suitable for tractors and construction equipment.

  • 4GC cluster

    Full-size tachometer and speedometer
    Based on a proven OEM platform, 4GC provides a full-size tachometer and speedometer–located side by side–along with two gauges, an LCD display and LED status indicators. Configured either for a CAN (J1939) interface or analog system, the unit also features a double-glass lens for superior anti-fog protection.

  • PentaFlex

    5-gauge for specialty vehicles
    PentaFlex is an ideal platform solution for OHE and specialty vehicles. Derived from a proven OEM product, there are 3 variations. Units include 4 gauges, a full-size tachometer, LCD, dot-matrix or TFT displays plus LED indicators. PentaFlex is configurable using our world-class Maximizer™ software tool for unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

  • 5GC cluster

    Flexible layout with varios options
    Based in part of the 4GC platform, 5GC provides an additional gauge and flexible layout with various display options and LED configurations making it an ideal solution for off-highway equipment and specialty vehicles. Units provide either a CAN or analog interface.

  • Premium World Compattino

    Self-contained compact instrument cluster
    World Compattino™ is a compact, front-sealed instrument cluster that replaces conventional gauge panel assemblies. Optimizing performance, visibility, reliability and all-weather durability, it’s a rugged, cost-effective solution for a range of severe-duty applications.

  • Standard World Compattino

    Self-contained compact cluster
    World Compattino™ is a self-contained, compact instrument cluster designed especially for off-highway equipment and specialty vehicles. The cluster is an update to a well established maximatecc´s design, recently selected by leading CE and AG OEMs for use in vehicles sold in global markets. There are 2 models: Base, in an analog format, and Deluxe in CAN-bus. Units feature stepper motors, LED lighting and LCD or dot-matrix displays for improved reliability and user functionality.

  • Customized clusters

    Custom-engineered instrument clusters
    maximatecc is a preferred supplier of custom-engineered instrument clusters to global OEMs. We also provide value-added solutions for integrating I/O functions in our instrumentation, thus providing a means for OEMs to cost-effectively control machine functions and eliminate separately purchased components.