Display computers, controllers, communication devices


Communication devices

Our communication devices extend infrastructure flexibility with remote wireless communication, integration of additional network protocols and increase of the number of devices that a network can manage.

  • CrossLink TG

    Advanced telematics unit

    The CrossLink TG is a powerful ARM based telematics unit capable of running advanced data logging and providing cloud connectivity applications as a gateway unit.

  • CrossLink AI

    Global wireless access extension module

    CrossLink AI is a global wireless access module for CrossControl CCpilot displays. It features WLAN, GSM/GPRS modem and GNSS/GPS functionality in a single, compact and sturdy module.

  • CrossLink BTC

    Heavy duty wireless CAN

    CrossLink BTC is a compact and robust module for wireless CAN, designed for use in mobile applications. With a pair of CrossLink BTC modules you create a wireless CAN bridge that may be utilised to connect a CAN network to a distributed unit or system.

  • Wireless access module starter kit

    Our starter kit are prepared to make it easy to get going with CrossControl products. You get all hardware, cabling and accessories delivered in one package.