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CrossFire SX

Versatile I/O controller with latest safety technology

No. of I/O channels:        38
Processor:                       32-bit safety CPU, Texas Instruments
                                          TMS570 ARM Cortex R4, 180 MHz
Serial interfaces:             3 x CAN (ISO 118982.0B), 1 x RS232


CrossFire SX is a freely programmable 32-bit I/O controller, designed for use in On- and Off-road industrial vehicles and equipment. It has 38 I/O channels, fully versatile and configurable in software.

Fieldbus network capabilities include J1939 and CANopen. It is available as I/O device, Smart I/O device with distributed logic and as a freely programmable controller programmed with CODESYS 3.5.X.

With latest CPU technology and a state-of-the art safety architecture, CrossFire SX is a future proof platform for meeting increasing requirements on reliability and functional safety.

It is built for coping with harsh environmental conditions, enabling installation close to the loads and sensors it is serving. AMP connectors enable inexpensive and reliable wire harnesses and saves installation cost.

CrossFire SX I/O controller for machine control


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CrossFire SX can be set
up for virtually any sensor
or actuation device and.

It is freely configurable as
Master, I/O device or Smart
I/O device.



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