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Stewart Warner & Hobbs Hourmeters & Accessories
83000 Series Stewart Warner DC hourmeters feature Quartz movements for 10-80 VDC applications and units that cosmetically match our Deluxe and Heavy Duty lines. 86000 Series SW LCD hourmeters are sealed severe duty units, designed from the ground-up for reliable performance for 7-56 VDC applications. 85000 Series Hobbs DC hourmeters are UL-recognized, sealed severe duty units, delivering optimum performance for 10-80 VDC applications. 20000 Series Hobbs AC hourmeters are UL-recognized, severe duty units, available in 50 and 60 Hz configurations for 108-132 VAC applications.

Rugged and reliable, we have an hourmeter for virtually every application that is accurate within ± .02%.