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Life Cycle Management

CrossControl AB products are designed for use in industrial vehicles and heavy equipment with long life cycles and long service life. This means that demands on reliability and availa­bility are high; CrossControl products typically have life cycles of 15 years or more. 


Our product life cycles are influenced by many factors such as component availability and technology development. CrossControl always strives to keep the products up-to-date with maintained backwards compatibility.


In order to manage the products in a structured way during the lifetime, CrossControl has established a product life cycle policy over a series of product life cycle phases. Within this scope, CrossControl is committed to notify customers of any change in product life cycle status well in advance, in order for customers to be able to plan their operations in an efficient way. (Download the broschure for more information.)


Life Cycle Management broschure



CrossControl Product life cycle status

CrossControl Life Cycle Management

CrossControl Life Cycle Management