Display computers, controllers, communication devices



LinX Software Suite is an open and modular software
platform for all aspects of Human-Machine interaction
in a modern industrial vehicle. Choose from a range of
software application modules to realize your total HMI

LinX come with powerful and easy-to-use design tools,
reducing engineering spend and shortening time to
market compared to other software platforms. The
advanced features delivered by the design tools,
combined with the multi-functional capabilities and
graphics performance of CrossControl displays enable
you to create a premium HMI system for your product.










LinX Software Suite for easy creation of HMI systems and control systems




Data Engine

Data Engine is the backbone in the LinX Suite,
managing all signals and data in your machine
system for easy creation of HMI functionality that
increases productivity and usability of your product.
It also integrates seamlessly the different modules and
tools of the LinX Software suite, giving your system
a powerful architecture that reduces engineering spend.
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  LinX Core manages all signals and data in your machines system


UX Designer for better user experience


UX Designer

UX Designer is a module in LinX Software Suite for creating Graphical User Interface applications. The advanced features supported by the design tool, combined with the graphics performance of CrossControl displays enable you to create a user experience that makes your product stand out in the competition.
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CODESYS is a widely used soft PLC system that is an optional add-on to LinX Software Suite. The integration via Data Engine means you get the best out of two worlds – the easy logics programming and fieldbus infrastructure of CODESYS and the premium UX capabilities of UX Designer.
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CoDeSys for vehicle control applications

Fieldbus access maximatecc


Fieldbus Access

Fieldbus Access is an optional communication module in LinX Software Suite containing the implementation of the most widely used vehicle fieldbuses like SAE J1939 and CANopen. It enables all other LinX software modules, e.g. UX Designer and Smart Connect, to communicate on these buses easily, exchanging data with other devices on the fieldbus network.
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Smart Connect

Smart Connect is a solution for easy creation of Smart device apps for your equipment. Apps are developed in the UX Designer module, meaning that you can re-use the GUI design and application developed for the on-vehicle display when creating your Smart device apps.
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  Smart Connect maximatecc

Enterprise Connect  

Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is a seamless telematics solution with on-board data collection, wireless communication, cloud hosting and back-office web clients for big data analysis and reporting. It is designed for OEM enterprises, satisfying a range of telematics needs.
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ISOBUS terminals  


The ISOBUS module in LinX means that displays can be used as ISOBUS terminals for any connected implement that has an ISOBUS controller. It includes Universal Terminal (UT) and Task Controller (TC) functionality.

ISOBUS UT is a plug-and-play user interface for the implement, visualizing data from the implement and allowing the user to control the implement from the display, a.k.a. Virtual Terminal. The main function of ISOBUS TC is to log data and set set-point values for predefined work on the implement and it is used for managing farm resources and farm activities in the field.
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