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Equipment telematics at your fingertips

Enterprise Connect is a seamless telematics solution with on-board data collection, wireless communication,
cloud hosting and back-office web clients for big data analysis and reporting.


  • Available out-of-the-box - All infrastructure in place
  • Access to any vehicle system data - All data and signals in the on-board system can be monitored
  • Easily configured to your needs - You decide what data to monitor by easy configuration
  • Lower system cost - No dedicated telematics hardware required

Enterprise Connect is designed for OEM enterprises, satisfying a range of telematics needs: Operational KPIs for the equipment owner - After Market and Service tool for OEM and dealers - Deep data mining to verify that equipment performs to specification. It’s a full-fledged equipment telematics platform that make machines smarter, safer and more productive.

  Enterprise Connect

Module overview

  • Full blown telematics solution – on-board data collection, GNSS positioning, wireless communication,
    cloud hosting and back-office web clients
  • Soft telematics controller - configure which vehicle data should be sent to cloud and when
  • Standard web report package included
  • Cloud hosting included
  • SIM card management included