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Fieldbus infrastructure out-of-the-box

Fieldbus Access is a module for integrating a CrossControl display
or controller in SAE J1930 and CANopen networks. The functionality
is the same as you get with CoDeSys but whereas CoDeSys is a
full-blown soft PLC, Fieldbus Access is strictly a communication
module. If you do not need the controller features of CoDeSys,
Fieldbus Access is a very powerful fieldbus manager which means
you can focus software efforts on the application level, eg. the
GUI application developed in UX Designer.


Fieldbus Access features full implementation of J1939 and CANopen
and you configure the buses for a given system in Qt Creator –
the same tool used for GUI design in UX Designer. You can set
up as many buses as the hardware supports, and each bus can
be configured individually in terms of bus speed, standard or
extended messages etc.


Module overview

  • CAN data access made available by configurator
    as QtCreator plugin
  • CANopen support
  • J1939 support with drag’n’drop from built-in signal
  • Raw CAN communication support


Go to our Fieldbus Access playlist >>
for video instructions about:

  • Installation
  • General information


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