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The ISOBUS module in LinX means that displays can be used as ISOBUS terminals for any connected implement that has an ISOBUS controller. Universal Terminal (UT) and Task Controller (TC) are available as components that allow system developers to create a tailored, integrated HMI system where ISOBUS functionality co-exists with eg. camera images, electronic manuals, tractor instrumentation and more. Go to the Multifunctional ISOBUS terminals brochure >>





ISOBUS UT is a plug-and-play user interface for the implement, visualizing data from the implement and allowing the user to control the implement from the display, a.k.a. Virtual Terminal.

In the CrossControl ISOBUS platform, the UT is divided into several components, meaning that different areas in the GUI - controls, workspace selection and soft keys – are components that you can place where you like in the GUI and also change properties for individually. This enables you to adopt the look-and-feel of the UT user interface to fit into the total HMI system running on the display.

The main function of ISOBUS TC is to log data and set set-point values for predefined work on the implement and it is used for managing farm resources and farm activities in the field. It also serves as a gateway between the Farm PC software (FMIS) and the implement. The ISOBUS TC will have its own user interface for interacting with the implements and the farm resources.

In the CrossControl ISOBUS platform, the TC is a component with predefined functionality and when you apply it in your HMI design you can change the appearance through property settings. CrossControl also offers customization of the functionality of the TC component.














Multifunctional ISOBUS terminals

Sunlight readable, powerful ISOBUS terminals with capability to run also other HMI features like instrumentation GUI, video images from connected cameras, electronic manuals, condition/health monitoring system, guidance and auto-steer, and more. A platform for full-fledged HMI solutions in agricultural vehicles. Read more >>

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