Display computers, controllers, communication devices



Smart device apps out-of-the-box

Smart Connect is a solution for easy integration of Smart devices with your vehicle control system. This opens
up for a range of value-adding features and functions,


My equipment app

Like automotive offerings where “My BMW”,
“My Volvo” apps lets users manage certain
functions from remote, find vehicle location etc.

Service technician app

By having the service tool implemented as an app you avoid hardware dependencies and can always ensure that the technician has the tool for the machine model he is serving.

Easy M2M app

For equipment on a work site, the operator of one machine
can have production related data available from another
machine in a Smart device app. Example:  “Machine X
is ready to be loaded/off-loaded”.

Remote display

For stationary or unmanned equipment there may be no need for a local display. With a remote display app you can control and monitor several equipment on a work site.



Dotten line maximatecc


The Smart connect communication module in LinX make
signals and data in the vehicle system available for Smart
devices connected to the equipment. It is a gateway between
LinX Core – where all signals and data in the system is
available – and wireless connected Smart devices like
Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops.


The wireless communication is either solved through wireless
functions built into CrossControl displays and main controllers
or through a separate wireless communication module like
CrossLink AI.

Smart Connect maximatecc




For development of Apps, you use the UX Designer module. This means you can re-use the GUI-design and application
developed for a CCpilot display when you develop your App. When you have designed your App in UX Designer, just
compile for Android and your App is ready! For iOS Apps you take your UX Designer project to an iMac with Qt installed
where you easily compile your App for iOS.

Module overview

  • Make apps for iOS, Android and Windows – both phones and tablets
  • Preconfigured to connect to control system, via Data Engine
  • QtCreator with templates already prepared to build connected apps